Sewers & Stoppages

Sewers have one job, transporting waste water away from your property and dumping it into the city lateral for disposal. When your sewer is not performing this task call the expert technicians at DB Plumbing.

The most common sewer problems are:

• Tree Root Intrusion

• Misaligned Sewer Line

• Obstruction In Sewer Line

• Collapsed Sewer Line

• Broken Sewer Line

• Sewer Pipe Deterioration

• Belly In The Sewer

Verification of Issue

We will introduce a sewer camera into your sewer line to examine and show us the current status of your sewer. The cameras are designed to be small, flexible and easily maneuverable in order to see exactly what is going on. We take both pictures and video inside the sewer, giving us all the information needed to provide a proper solution to the homeowner.

Copies of the pictures and video will be given to the homeowner for their records upon request.

Sewer Reinstatement

Over time a sewer line will settle/shift making it so that it needs a little bit of reinforcement in order to keep it working properly. Trenchless sewer repair is a method of sewer reinstatement that reinforces older sewer lines in need of repairs. This technology allows for sewer reinstatement services without digging up your entire sewer.

Sewer Pipe Lining

Trenchless pipe lining is a method used to repair a damaged sewer line that is still retaining its structural integrity. Using our sewer camera, our technicians assess the health of your sewer line. If this option is viable your sewer will be scoured and prepped, a flexible tube with epoxy resin will be installed into a small opening and the tube will be inflated which relines the existing sewer. This will allow your original sewer to provide many more years of service without need of further repairs or replacement.

• Less Costly
• Minimally Disruptive
• Prevents Future Root Intrusion
• Renews the pipe to a Better than Original State
• Both Material & Resin meet industry standard 50 year Service Life

Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a process requiring special equipment able to break apart your existing sewer line so that a new line can be installed. The trenchless pipe method is one of the most efficient methods to install a new sewer line without damage to driveways, patios, landscaping, etc… This two in one method uses a hydraulic puller and guide head to break open your old sewer underground and pull the new sewer inline right behind it.

Sewer Line Collapse

Tree root intrusion or severe shifting of the sewer has the potential to cause so much damage the only remaining option is to replace it. Once we have exhausted all viable options to salvage your sewer, we can professionally excavate your old sewer and install a new upgraded system that is sealed, root proof, intrusion proof and long lasting. At the first sign of any sewer troubles call DB plumbing.

Regular sewer and drain maintenance is the most effective way to prevent sewer problems from happening in the first place and is an effective way for property owners to ensure that their sewer line is going to work properly for years to come.