• Is your water rusty dirty brown, fowl smelling & unfit to drink?

• Low water pressure at your fixtures?

• Getting scalded in the shower?

• Frequent Slab Leaks?

• Water Damage due to continuous leaks?

The pros at DB plumbing can eliminate all of this by re-piping your property!

Galvanized Water & Drain Lines

Homes in Southern California were built with either galvanized water & drain pipes or soft copper water lines. Those with galvanized pipes are rated for a 40 year life span. During manufacturing they are dipped in molten zinc as a rust retardant. Over time, the zinc coating wears away and rust accumulation begins eating through the exposed steel. The end result being restricted water flow, toxic rusty water flushing through your water lines, leak, etc… Your galvanized pipes are already working long past their expected service life. Slab foundation homes in Southern California with Soft Copper piping in the slabs are also past their expected service life of 50 years. Minor damages on this soft metal material during installation such as dimples, hard bends, constant friction, scale build up on inner walls and more are all factors in shortening the life span of soft copper.

Pipe Replacement Options

When galvanized pipes start causing plumbing problems or soft copper lines develop pin holes or rupture your house is going to need a re-pipe to make sure all of the rust and lead in the house’s piping system are completely removed. Our technicians will provide a proper evaluation of the current status of your property’s galvanized pipes and offer options for re-piping.

Material options to replace galvanized pipes and deteriorated soft copper are:

COPPER – Type L heavy copper is a common replacement, light weight, strong and water friendly. Copper is also friendly with PEX piping.

PEX – is fast becoming the dominant fresh water piping material, BPA free, ultra lightweight, impervious to corrosion and scale build up, quieter than copper, no clanking banging pipes, no thermal transfer ie… condensation or heat loss, resistant to freezing & more…